April, 9, 2021

KRG Marketing

CVap ovens actually have a sous vide mode!

CVap ovens actually have a sous vide mode. In a footprint of less than six square feet, you can match the production of dozens of countertop circulators. Because CVap ovens use heated water vapor for thermal transfer, you can decide whether or not to put food in bags. You’ll get the same precision, with or without bags.
Holding Cabinets
CVap Holding Cabinets are unbeatable at keeping food hot and fresh until you’re ready to serve. They use precision vapor to precisely control food temperature.
Retherm Ovens
The CVap Retherm Oven is a fast-cooking oven that can cook with sous vide precision, bake, poach, braise, stage, roast, low-temp steam, and more.
Cook & Hold Ovens
The CVap Cook & Hold Oven offers versatility and insane yields. Bake, braise, poach, stage, low-temp steam, roast, you name it. It can do it.